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Relaxes Your Butt For Better, More Comfy Anal Sex!

Anal-Ese has been a trusted adult product brand for years. It relaxes and slightly numbs the sphincter for easier, more enjoyable anal entry.

Anal-Ese also acts as a desensitizing cream on his erection while providing needed lubrication for better anal intercourse.

With Anal-Ese, you're sure to enjoy anal sex not just once, but repeatedly –– with more confidence and fun!

Anal-Ese's special formula relies on benzocaine and other ingredients to relax your sphincter ring and slightly numb your nerves - making those first few moments of anal sex even more enjoyable and comfortable! The cherry-flavored cream is thick and sleek enough to double as a lubricant to ensure a smooth and satisfying penetration every time. 1 ounce tube.

Anal-Ese is easy to use, too! Just apply a small amount to rectal area prior to penetration. Wait a few minutes for desensitization before attempting penetration. It might take you a few tries to figure what’s the right amount for you.

Before committing to anal intercourse, why not experiment with a small or similar sized dildo from Intimate Pleasure Shop –– plus a tube of Anal-Ese!

  • Easy to store 1 ounce tube is good for dozens of applications
  • Easy to use, eventually wears off after anal intercourse
  • Great for anal toys like butt plugs and dildos
  • Original formula has been used and trusted for years

Intimate Pleasure Shop recommends Anal-Ese's original formula for women, men and couples who want to try anal sex or anal play with toys –– but would entry into the ass to be easier, lubricated and more comfortable.

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