Edible Undies Female Strawberry And Chocolate

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Edible Undies Female Strawberry & Chocolate

Our Edible Female Undies in Strawberry & Chocolate fill your nostrils and your taste buds with the distinct sent and taste of a perfect blend of strawberries and chocolate causing instant arousal to your lover and yourself. The sticky sweet taste of strawberries and chocolate on your lips as the undies begin to dissolve allowing access to your lovers warm, moist love canal with your tongue. These edible panties are sized to fit most anyone. Your lover can eat your panties and then move on to more sensitive areas that will send you into an orgasmic explosion. These edible panties would make the perfect gift for the bachelorette in your life. Take these panties on your honeymoon to give your groom a night he will never forget. Perfect choice for those erotic encounters with a lover to bring a bit of surprise to the experience.

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