Some rubber sex toys may contain phthalates, which are used to soften rubber. In very high doses, ingestion of phthalates may cause damage to your internalorgans. Studies on rat shave found that the rats become ill when exposed to phthalates. It is best to not eat rubber that may contain phthalates, and to consider using a condom with phthalate-bearing rubber or latex sex toys.



Latex Free

Latex (also called jelly rubber) is a rubber-like material, and it contains varying degrees of allergens. People with sensitive skin should avoid latex. Latex is flexible, lightweight and inexpensive, and there is a huge range of toys made from latex. Latex is porous and should be cleaned thoroughly after use with an antibacterial gel or hot soapy water. Do not share latex toys with other people. Some latex sex toys may contain phthalates.



Made from an inert material without allergens, so is suitable for those people with sensitive skin.



Our favourite material for making sex toys. Silicone is inert (and therefore hypoallergenic), phthalates and latex-free, and comes in a range of qualities (food grade to medical grade). Silicone sex toys are non-porous, which means that they are more hygienic. Silicone is soft, durable, warms quickly to your touch, and it feels really lifelike. You can clean silicone sex toys easily, with soap and warm water, antibacterial toy cleaner, in your dishwasher (provided they have no batteries orare waterproof), or in boiling water. Silicone is a man-made polymer and is very durable, soft and flexible. Unlike jelly, rubber and other porous materials, silicone can be treated at temperatures up to 300°C or bleached in a 10% bleach solution.



A vibrating toy with a range of vibration settings, which may include different vibration speeds, pulsation settings or escalating settings. Some vibrating toys may throb or pump. Perfect for choosing a setting that it right for you, or for building up the intensity slowly during foreplay or sex.



This sex toy is fully waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. This also makes washing and cleaning easy.


Very Quiet

This vibrating toy has advanced motors which are very quiet, so you won’t wake the whole house with your new toy. Discreet and perfect for travel.



This is an Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart favourite and highly recommended sex toy. It will offer great features, it will be made from high quality materials, it will be value for money and it will bring you great satisfaction. Only the best toys are recommended by Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart.



Some materials contain pores, which accumulate dirt, bodily fluids and lubricants. The pores can be breeding places for bacteria. Porous toys should not be shared and should be very carefully cleared with an antibacterial cleaner, but it can be difficult to remove all the dirt and germs.

Non-porous toys are more hygienic, body-safe, easier to clean and safer to share (although condoms should still be used to protect

yourself against STDs). For a safer experience, Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart recommends using non-porous toys. Non-porous toy materials include silicone, alloys (stainless steel, aluminium), glass and plastics. Some TPE/TRP toys may also be non-porous. Non-porous toys can be safely used for vaginal and anal sex (wash before transitioning from anal to vaginal!).


You should never switch non-porous toys between vaginal and anal use, even after washing. You can always place a new condom over your toy if you want to switch between vaginal and anal use, or if you want to use it with different partners.


Condom Safe

This lube is latex-compatible and can be used safely with your condoms. Typically water-based and silicone-based lubricants are fine to use with latex condoms. However, oil-based lubes will damage condoms, making your sex not safe.



This sex toy has a rechargeable battery built in, so you can use it again, and again, and again... Rechargeable for your convenience and for the environment. You won't run out of power and need to hunt for odd battery sizes. We love rechargeable toys at Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart.



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